Christ Church Renewed

The vision of Christ Church is to be a place where people become followers of Jesus Christ, grow as disciples, and are equipped to live for Jesus in every day life.

The purpose of the Christ Church Renewed project is to renew and extend our building, so that we can be more effective in reaching the vision God has given us. As we pray and give to enable this project to take place, we long to see more than new bricks and mortar. We pray that lives would be changed, communities transformed and God honoured.

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December 2017 Update: We have now submitted what we hope will be the final version of the plans for Phase 1 to the DAC to consider at their meeting on 12th December. If they give their approval we will then be ready to apply to the Chancellor of the Diocese for a Faculty which will give us permission to start the work. Please pray for a speedy and positive response from the DAC and the Chancellor so that we can start work early in 2018! Pray also for the team looking at the AV and lighting requirements, that the best solutions would be found.

Our current estimates are that the total cost of Phase 1 will be in the region of £1.3m. This includes the cost of building work, all fees, the AV system, the first phase of work to the organ and our giving to external mission. At the end of November gifts and pledges to Christ Church Renewed now total £1,081,034 which is so encouraging. We now need to press on to raise the remaining £250k which we will need to have raised or have pledged before we can begin Phase 1.

November 2017 Update: The architects are hard at work on the value engineering process, trying to reduce the costs of the project. The main area for saving will be in the construction of the floor and the heating for the church. Various other details are also being looked at to see where savings will be possible that will not compromise the goals of the project as a whole.

At the end of October gifts and pledges to Christ Church Renewed now total £1,077,076 which is so encouraging.

October 2017 Update: Detailed negotiations are now underway with one firm of builders who have successfully completed another local church project. With the architect and quantity surveyor we are continuing to look at where savings can be made and where costs can be more accurately estimated.

At the end of September gifts and pledges to Christ Church Renewed now total £1,073,385 which continues to be encouraging.

September 2017 Update: Five firms have provided tenders for the project and we are now analysing these with the architect and quantity surveyor. First indications are that all the tenders are much higher than we had expected.

June 2017 Update: Meetings with the architect and quantity surveyor have produced all the information that we need to send to the building contractors so that they can price the work. These tenders will be drawn up during July and August so that we can interview a prospective firm in September.

At the end of May gifts and pledges to Christ Church Renewed now total £1,036,905 which is so encouraging. Pray for the building firms as they look at the plans and provide their estimates for the work.

April 2017 Update: We have fantastic news to share regarding our fundraising. At the end of March gifts and pledges to Christ Church Renewed now total £1,023,605. Praise God for his wonderful generosity to us and for the ways that he has enabled many to give to this project.

This is a major milestone for us and it gets us close to the figure that we need to start Phase 1. In the meantime we continue to press on with the final submission to the DAC. There are still a number of details for us and the architect to put together - so do keep praying for all who are involved in this process.

March 2017 Update: Details are now being prepared to help draw up the tender documents that will go to potential builders. The report from the organ builder and organ consultant suggest a solution that will enable us to remove the overhanging pipes in the south east and north east rooms. Some of these pipes can be brought into the main body of the organ in the chancel and others can be reproduced digitally. The full plans for Phase 1 will be submitted to the DAC at the end of April for their meeting in May.

Fundraising continues to be encouraging with pledges and gifts at the end of February totalling £647,098.

February 2017 Update: Detailed work is continuing on the plans. A constructive meeting with the representative from Historic England has meant that we can progress the Statement of Need with the goal of submitting our plans to the DAC in March or April. We are still awaiting advice on our options for the organ. Do keep praying for clear and helpful guidance.

Fundraising continues to be encouraging with pledges and gifts at the end of January totalling £575,613.

December 2016 Update: A helpful visit from the DAC in November has clarified the areas that we need to consider carefully. The options for the organ and for flooring were the significant areas discussed and we are thankful for the genuine support that the DAC has for the project.

At the end of November our gifts and pledges total £573,064.

October 2016 Update: Again there is plenty of progress to report and some key areas to pray for. The architect has made good progress on detailed designs and drawings and pictures can be seen on the boards in church. The necessary consultants (Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer) have all been appointed and are carrying out their work. Initial calculations suggest that the total build cost will be in the region of £2.04m so we are analysing these figures and need to work out whether we can tackle the project in one go or whether we need to phase the project. The DAC has raised a few key areas that we need to think carefully about: the organ, the font, the flooring and the view to the Rose Window at the West End.

We now need to step up our commitment to the project and raising the necessary funds. The key message is that now is the time for each of us to commit to significant and sacrificial giving as God prompts and enables us. As of 16th October 2016 the total amount given and pledged is £560,000. Praise God!

June 2016 Update: There is plenty of good news to report. The DAC (that is the Diocesan Advisory Committee who have to approve the plans) visited in April and met in May. They have reported that they are in favour of the basic principles of our design with just a few areas that they want to discuss further with us. This gives the architect a green light for drawing up detailed plans. At the same time we can now get on and appoint a Quantity Surveyor and a Structural Engineer, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. The Quantity Surveyor will give us a clear indication of the cost of the project which will let us know our revised fundraising target. 

We are very encouraged that with gifts and pledges we have raised so far.  As of 5th June 2016 we have raised £520,000. Clearly there is still a long way to go - but we are making progress. Praise God!